Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

Point of sales software allows enterprises to accept and process payments as well as synch, track, and manage various other aspects of the business such as employee staffing, inventory management, sales, and purchase management. It accurately collects and records data, allowing you to see how your business is functioning and how to continually improve it.

With Point of Sales (POS) software, enterprises can profile customers, pull new and repeated customers, understand customer preferences through purchase history and plan creative promotions. They can also reward loyal customers and increase sales by offering them tailor-made discounts and more using the central repository of their sales data.

Types of POS Systems?

Discover the benefits of accounting practice management software that best suits your business requirements and organizational goals.

Mobile POS Systems

Runs efficiently on mobiles to process payments & manage inventory and customer information without using much space.

Terminal POS Systems

POS systems that have advanced functionality with distinctive advantages of controlled access and cloud-based backup.

Cloud-hosted POS Systems

A web-based POS that has all the capabilities of Terminal POS with greater simplicity, flexibility, and functioning.

Essential Features

Explore the full range of must-have feature that makes foreign exchange more interesting for the traders.

Inventory Management

Keeps track of all of your products and gives the user insights on stock management & helps to stay updated.

Sales Monitoring

It generates sales reports, captures sales trends and makes a business forecast on the basis of sales trends.


Track system's price variations to plan your promotions & ensure that accurate price is applied automatically.

Multiple Payment Methods

This feature goes beyond traditional payment methods & allows you to accept mobile payments or split bill.

Billing and Order Processing

Generate bills quickly and process the order easily using a POS system that makes invoicing and payments a breeze.

Return Management

Execute user-friendly return policy with easy returns/refunds & create multiple returns for one sales order.

Customer Management

Collects/stores valuable customer data that can provide insights on which customers would be interested in your sale.

Loyalty Programs

This helps to improve customer retention by giving out store points every time a customer makes a purchase.

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