Specialists in .NET applications and business-focused website development.

We use a three-tiered development framework, with dedicated staff for each tier. Each stage is unit tested, as well as being fully tested at the Alpha, Beta and Gold release stages. We use the AGILE philosophy for all development work. This means our team can be responsive, accountable and adaptable throughout the process. The end result being the best possible website for your business.

Why specialists are better for your business?

By specialising in one type of framework we avoid the trap of being jacks of all trades. Your websites and applications won't be patched together with a series of fixes and shortcuts. They'll be robust and reliable - based on a rigorous understanding of the underlying code. That's why it pays to work with experts.

The Future

As Microsoft .NET and other programming languages evolve, so do our services. We've added mobile applications and social media design to our skillset. As web-obsessed specialists we keep on top of all the latest technological shifts in the internet landscape.

We'll follow up with some questions about the purpose of your site, your target audience, and what features you'd like to include. After we get an idea of what you're looking for, we'll prepare a proposal and a contract for you based on what you told us. Once a contract has been signed, we'll begin to really dive into the details. We'll work with you to plan out your website's structure and flow. We'll profile your potential users and make sure that your goals and their goals align. We'll discuss your marketing strategy for the website and we'll also map out a content strategy.

Business Friendly Technology

Microsoft Windows runs on over 95% of all enterprise computers worldwide. It made sense, therefore, for us to focus on using Microsoft's .NET Framework for development. We've been using .NET since its introduction in 2003. Though other frameworks have their benefits, in our opinion .NET is ideal for building commercial websites and applications. Because it's based on Microsoft technology, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues and you can enjoy a level of future-proofing that not all frameworks provide.

While we build most of our solutions using .NET, we have the ability to integrate other languages and applications as required. Of course, all of our projects offer fully compliant aspx and CSS coding according to W3C Standards. We also take accessibility seriously and ensure that all of our sites measure up to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

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